featuring American Crystal Skull Explorer
Joshua Shapiro & the "Crystal Kids"

sponsored by the CSCT Tour Team
(including coordinator Pauline Norris and
the special team of co-sponors shown below)



Pauline Norris

** What is the Crystal Skull Connection Tour? **

      A Vision by Two Individuals dedicated to sharing key information about the Crystal Skulls with the public in
Australia linking with Prophecy, the Healing of Planet,
Spiritual Unfoldment, A Golden Age and Expansion.

(4 Weeks in numerous locations in Eastern Australia
combining crystal skull public talks, workshops,
private sessions, ceremonies & more!! Join us!!)

Joshua Shapiro

An Introduction: What if you had a vision that could change the world, a tour that would touch people on a deep level linked to a mysterious object that has existed for millenniums, known as the crystal skulls - what would you do?  Well Pauline Norris, from Tin Can Bay (Queensland) has had this vision for many years, just waiting for the right time to happen. Next, for over five years, Joshua Shapiro, a worldwide crystal skull explorer from the U.S. has been hearing his inner voice repeat over and over, just one word, "Australia", knowing he needs to return but also waiting for the right time. Then all of a sudden in November, the resources to make such a visit happens. As with all things in life, when a new activity or event is suppose to be all the doors open. When Pauline hears that Joshua is being called to the down under all of a sudden the Crystal Skull Connection Tour Australia, May 2015 is born!!


Joshua is visiting the British Museum in London in 2009
holding his personal crystal "Portal de Luz" to help link
the two skulls and share a healing energy with the
British Museum Crystal Skull shown in the glass case.

This photo is taken in 2004, in the Museum of Mankind which is now closed before this crystal skull was moved to the British Museum. Joshua was granted permission to touch the skull via its case.

, the members of the CSCT Tour Group invite you to join us on this new journey.  Many people now are familiar with the Crystal Skulls in a great part due to the last Indiana Jones film which came out in 2009.  The crystal skulls are defined as: human shaped skulls made from various types of gemstones, the first skull discovered comprised mostly from quartz crystal which were discovered near or around ancient ruins in the world beginning in the middle part of the 1800s but known to the indigenous people of the world for hundreds if not thousands of years...   However, the crystal skulls and what they truly represent is still a great mystery. Since the 1990s, guardians of some of the more well known crystal skulls along with other crystal skull teachers began to travel the world (including visits to Australia) to discuss these special artifacts and offer to the public a chance to have a direct experience of what happens when you meditate with a skull. These travels and the number of teachers traveling has been steadily increasing each year.

Thus, more and more people are being drawn either to obtain their own person skull from the many carvers in the world who are creating them or are drawn to have a direct personal experience with one of the traveling crystal skulls in order to help them in their spiritual unfoldment. We believe the crystal skulls are acting as a major catalyst to help many people remember who they truly are as spiritual eternal beings who are having a momentary experience here on the Earth. The CSCT Tour Group is the co-creators of this next exposure to the Crystal Skulls for the general public in Australia. The Tour has been steady coming together as more and more centers, groups and individuals are joining, to provide some amazing contact with the crystal skulls. So are you ready??

Now although, a great deal of focus will be upon the various activities that Joshua Shapiro will be offering to share key information about the crystal skulls (he has almost 35 years of personal contact and investigation with the skulls) as well as contact with his "Crystal Kids" throughout this Tour, without the support and cooperation of the many individuals and groups which Pauline Norris has put together, this tour would not be possible. The tour is truly an example of a spontaneous co-creation and a celebration by all. We also anticipate that periodically there will be other special individuals who will be sharing their unique knowledge and insights linked to the skulls at some of the functions, who live in Australia.

In our logo which is shared below, you may have noticed the circle of skulls - these are the 11 personal crystal skulls which Joshua will be bringing with him that you have a chance to meet and work with during the private sessions. On a secondary page linked to this, which is our more detailed information page about the tour (see below near the logo), are individual photos of each of these skulls with a description that Joshua and his divine life partner Katrina call "The Crystal Kids".  Never-the-less, Joshua will be focusing upon all the different type of crystal skulls which exist in the world today during his presentations as via the "Living Consciousness" that works through each crystal skulls that has been awakened, Joshua has learned (inwardly heard this idea telepathically) the following concept:

that no one crystal skull is greater than any other or more special, each one has its own unique purpose and way to be of service to humanity and our world.


To understand what the crystal skulls are about and how they provide an
uplifting energy to help people requires research. During a trip to Poland
a Polish researcher who has a spiritual system to measure energy using
an enhanced pendulum, found the energy around "Portal de Luz" quite strong.

One of the things Joshua loves to do is offer public talks. He is next to a famous Polish magnetic healer Dr. Slotkowski, talking about the amethyst skull "Ami".

Joshua has also written several books on the crystal skulls (his latest book will be available during the tour, linked to the "Blue Skull" he has had visions while traveling through Peru), helped to organize both public crystal skull conferences and on-line conferences, he and his divine life partner Katrina lead a world peace meditation each month linked with the crystal skulls, the explorers at times offer their own on-line radio show of which Joshua has been interviewed many times for other shows plus he has appeared in a few TV documentaries. Additionally, Joshua has had a chance to meet many of the well known and very old crystal skulls in the world known so far. Essentially, the Crystal Skull Explorers have dedicated their lives to sharing the very best information about the crystal skulls for the last 6 years and it this information and knowledge that will be presented during the tour.

Search for the "Blue Skull" in Peru
the latest book by Joshua Shapiro with Katrina Head
(released March 2013, see special video below, Joshua
will be discussing the "Blue Skull" in his workshops.)

-- to read more about the book (Printed Edition and E-book edition) visit:


(copies of both versions of this book will be available during the tour)

Pauline Norris has been a master organizer for many years.  She has been involved in helping organize all types of fund raising activities as well as supported charitable organizations.  She has been a private secretary for a number of companies over the years.  She has a masters degree in Ushi Reiki, loves the Dolphins and Whales and volunteered to help an International Conference on these water beings in 1997. Since moving to Tin Can Bay, she has setup an education program to help protect the rare Indo-Pacific Dolphins. Plus of course, Pauline loves the crystal skulls, has her own personal skulls and has been linked with them for many years. It is through Pauline efforts, that she has recruited to support the tour, all the co-sponsors you will see listed below.

Please find below a quick summary of the planned events going on, so you can see what interests you the most. Or if you wish to know the full schedule and prices, we have created a separate page with the complete details which you can visit at your leisure by clicking on the link below:

(click on the link above where to make payments for the tour)


Not all the locations will support the three activities offered by Joshua, but this is what he will be offering during his visit to Australia.

Public Talks - in these 2 to 2-1/2 hour evening talks, he will discuss what the crystal skulls are, tell us about his most amazing experiences linked to the crystal skulls, play some live music and you will have a chance to see his personal skulls that he is bringing (again, on the second page of the tour is a photo and brief description of each skull). Here you can decide, you wish to take advantage of one of these other activities that will be offered in your area. At some talks will be present an aura photographer to take aura photos of your personal skulls.

Full Day Workshop - for those individual who wish to really learn and know about the totality of what the Crystal Skulls represent and why they are so important for our future, this is Joshua's opportunity to share the very best information from his many years of investigations. He will be focusing on all the crystal skulls, link to the paranormal and prophecy and more. A slide presentation will be given, some video, and a chance to work with the personal crystal skulls in a group.

Private Sessions - in this session you have a chance to work directly with one of the crystal skulls coming with Joshua (as you hold it for the entire session, you choose the one to hold) and he does an intuitive reading for you. Joshua has given over 1000 sessions since he offered this service in 1999.

Flyers for Each Venue
(Can you help us share the tour? Below are links to individual Flyers (PDF format) that you can download and then share as an attachment with an email - the flyer contains the contact for each venue and also a link to these webpages. Just click on the appropriate city to get your copy of that flyer or right click on the city and save the PDF document to your computer. We appreciate any help you can offer to let others know about this tour. We thank Tanya at Sage magazine for the design!)


BRISBANE          BYRON BAY          CAIRNS          GOLDCOAST          GYMPIE

HERVE BAY          MELBOURNE          SYDNEY          YADINA


One of the greatest mysteries in the world are the Crop Circles, here Joshua is meditating with his personal crystal skull while listening to music at the center of a crop circle nr. Avebury. After the meditation, it was measured via a device at the spot was a powerful energy activated!

Here we see a picture of the stone door that goes into the Lemurian
Temple of Love in the ancient Peruvian site known as
which is located in the Andes mountains between Cusco and Machu
Picchu. It is believed that part of Peru was once part of Lemuria
especially when Lemuria sank in the Pacific, the Andes rose up.
Besides doing meditation here with the skulls, Joshua has had
contact with a UFO in the sky and Pleiadians in a base nearby.


(For each Location we list the dates and activities and contact person, again full details can be found via the link below to view the full schedule of events and details, check for a flyer of each location in the section above.)

Melbourne, Victoria - May 1st - May 3rd, contact: ShirleySienna Coventry  Email: diviningme@yahoo.com.au
Ph: 0403484892 - May 1st: Public Talk (eve); May 2nd: Workshop (6 hours); May 3rd (Private Sessions, all day)

Yandina, Queensland - May 5th (Evening), at Earth Healing Centre, contact: Trisha Berry
Ph: 0417942695
  Email: atlanteanearth@hotmail.com  May 5th: Public Talk (eve) **

Gympie, Queensland - May 6th (7:30-10 PM), at Gympia Yoga Centre, contact: Pauline Norris
Ph: 0408862448
Email: tcbdolph@spiderweb.com.au   May 6th: Public Talk (eve) **

Hervey Bay, Queensland - May 7th (7.00 to 9.30 pm), at Urangan Community Centre, contact: Pauline Norris
Ph: 0408862448 
Email: tcbdolph@spiderweb.com.au   May 7th: Public Talk (eve) **

Cairns, Queensland - May 8th-10th, contact:  Pauline Norris   Ph: 0408862448  Email: tcbdolph@spiderweb.com.au 
(May 8th and 9th at Well Being Healing Hub in Cairns; May 10th workshop at Serbian Cultural Centre in Cairns)
May 8th Public Talk (eve); May 9th: Private Sessions (all day); May 10th: Workshop (6 hours)

Byron Bay, NSW - May 12th (7:00 - 9:30 pm), at Starseed Gardens, contact: Pauline Norris
Ph: 0408862448
Email: tcbdolph@spiderweb.com.au   May 12th: Public Talk (eve) **

Mosman, Sydney, NSW - May 15th - May 17th, contact: Pauline Norris  Email: tcbdolph@spiderweb.com.au
Ph: 0408862448
 May 15th: Public Talk (eve) and May 16th: Workshop (6 hours) will be held at: Mosman Art Gallery & Community Centre; May 17th: Private Sessions (all day) held at: Creative Heart Centre, Seven Hills

Gold Coast, Queensland - May 21st (7.00 to 9.30 pm), contact: Tanya Allison Email: advertising@sagemagazine.net
Ph: 0421603327  May 21st: Public Talk (eve)

Cleveland, Brisbane, Queensland - May 22nd-24th,
contact: Pauline Norris 
Email: tcbdolph@spiderweb.com.au
Ph: 0408862448
 May 22nd: Public Talk (7-9 pm) and May 23rd: Workshop (6 hours) will be held at:  CWA Hall in Cleveland; May 24th: Private Sessions (all day) will be held at:  Moore Than A Healing in Wynnun

(** - although these events only have a public talk, see below the events held from May 23rd - May 24th in
Cleveland, Brisbane, Queensland for a workshop being offered that Saturday and private sessions that Sunday.)

Again, if you wish to know the full schedule and prices, we have created a separate page with the complete details which you can visit at your leisure by clicking on the link below:

(click on the link above where to make payments for the tour)


:  We have three special Goals we hope this Tour will help us to initiate for the future which we also seek support from the people we meet along the way are as follows:

1) To discuss Crystal Skull World Day, which will be held on Sunday, November 22nd, 2015. This is a special day when the Crystal Skull Guardians throughout the world and friends of the Crystal Skulls come together to do a special Meditation linked with the Crystal Skulls for “World Peace.” Last year, for the first time, Crystal Skull World Day was celebrated on November 22nd, 2014 and there were four locations in Australia where people gathered to do a group meditation. To learn more about this special day visit:


2) To create a Crystal Skull International Conference in Australia in 2016 – as we travel from place to place, both Pauline and Joshua have a Vision of there being the 1st Public Conference about the Crystal Skulls taking place in Australia next year. Present at this Conference would be The Aboriginal Elders of Australia, Elders of other Countries (if they wish to attend) and many of the Ancient and well known Old Crystal Skulls with their guardians as well as other special Crystal Skull Teachers. We will be seeking help and support as we travel throughout Australia to make this vision become a Reality.

3) To create alliances with other groups, organizations and individuals who are working toward World Peace and/or have a connection with the crystal skulls. We also hope that it will be possible, where it is appropriate and makes sense, to have other friends and teachers share about their work linked to the crystal skulls at the public events that will be offered as this tour is about working with others of like mind and truly is an example of a co-creation by our spiritual family.

Finally we wish to acknowledge all the friends and groups who are graciously supporting this tour in a their own way as a co-sponsor and partner. Please see below this fairly large list of supporters and their websites (as we know them):


Vanessa Finnigan – Holistic Bliss Magazine, Sunshine Coast, Qld      http://holisticblissmagazine.com/
ShirleySienna Coventry -
Divining Me, Melbourne, Vic                        http://www.shirleysienna.com 
Rachelle and Jamie, Cooloola Bay Bulletin                                           http://www.cbaybulletin.com.au/
Gerry Hillier – Gympie Yoga Centre, Gympie, Qld                             http://www.yogahouse.com.au/
Diane & Bruce Woodstock –
Gympie Aura Camera, Gympie, Qld       
Rowena Allen –
Urangan Community Centre, Hervey Bay, Qld         http://www.hbnc.net.au/

Wendy Everett –
Enuma Elish Herbs and Healing, Cairns, Qld          http://herbsandhealing.com.au/       
Julia Clarkson -
Seville Spiritual Centre, Cairns, Qld                       
Steve & Monika -
Wellbeing Healing Hub, Cairns, Qld
Jabaru Spirit Bird, Cairns                                                           https://www.facebook.com/jabaru.spiritbird.3
Lia Scallon -
Sounds of Sirius, Cairns                                                    http://www.soundsofsirius.com/
Simone Matthews -
Spirited Traveller, Universal Life Tools                  http://www.UniversalLifeTools.com
Maya Seven Sun – Byron Bay, NSW                                                 https://www.facebook.com/kali.maya.5

Yolande Pierce –
Mosman Art Gallery & Community Centre, Mosman, Sydney, NSW
Tanya Allison –
Sage Magazine, Gold Coast, Qld                               http://sagemagazine.net/
Phil Oulton - Starseed Gardens, Byron Bay, NSW                              http://starseedgardens.org
Judith Hall -
CWA – Queensland                                                       
Lyn - The Creative Heart Centre, Seven Hills                                         http://www.thecreativeheartcentre.com/
Kerrie Anne – Moore that a Healing, Wynnum, Qld                          http://www.quartza.com.au/


If you have any questions about this tour or might wish to help and support it, please feel free to contact Joshua or Pauline via their contact details shown below.

We hope to see you in May of this year,
Peace and Light always,

Pauline, Joshua with the CSCT Tour Team

Joshua Shapiro
email: crystalskullexplorers@gmail.com

Website: www.crystalskullexplorers.com
Skype: joshaushapiro17

Pauline Norris - Tour Coordinator in Australia
Mob: 0408862448
Email: tcbdolph@spiderweb.com.au

Skype: pauline49au