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A Councilwoman from the Crystal Skull Hearts Council
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Timothy Green Beckley - Mr. UFO!!

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Read these Notes about this Youtube video FIRST -- we took over the last two hours of the show entitled "A Mad Look at Reality" so if you watch {listen to, as there really is no video} the whole video up until time 1:39:47 - you will hear "A Mad Painter" speaking to his guests who do discuss some interesting subjects. But at the exact time into the video mentioned above, our show the "Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls and Other World Mysteries" starts. Further, our second quest Tim Beckley got the times confused and does not appear but Joshua goes into several subjects beyond the "Crystal Skulls" linked to the paranormal and some of the interesting new research the Explorers are conducting.  For all future shows on Revolution Radio, the instructions above how to hear the "LIVE" show will be the same.)

Next Show: We have our next show tentatively scheduled for Sunday, August 24th, from 1-3 PM EDT, 10 AM - Noon PDT, 6-8 PM GMT.  Our guest for the full two hours will be Jose Federico Munoz, who is a Mayan Daykeeper from Guatemala. He will be sharing with our listeners about the Mayan understanding about the crystal skulls, special messages and prophecies he carries and publicly shares as authorized by his Elders and also why he is supporting Crystal Skull World Day.

PS: If you do a search in Youtube, "Revolution Radio - Joshua Shapiro" you will see all the prior interviews Joshua has done with "A Mad Painter" before on his regular shows as well.

What did we Discuss on the July 27th Show?


For the first hour, we spoke to a member of the Crystal Skull Hearts Council, just formed in this May.  This council is currently working on the creation of a special day they call “Crystal Skull World Day”. The goal of this day is to bring together all the crystal skull guardians (including owners of new and ancient skulls plus hopefully link in with various indigenous tribes who guard their own crystal skulls protected for hundreds or thousands of years) to focus on a five minute meditation working with their crystal skulls to share a powerful loving energy with the whole planet.

This co-created event has never been attempted before. The particular council member who will be joining us, in her own right is very knowledgeable about the crystal skulls and has had a number of years working with them. The Crystal Skull Explorers are a co-sponsor of this event. More information about Crystal Skull World Day can be obtained by visiting the council’s website at:


In the second hour, we hoped to have spoken to Timothy Green Beckley, one of the most dedicated and well known UFO and paranormal investigators, authors and publishers we have encountered. He is also affectionately known as “Mr. UFO”. Unfortunately Tim go the time wrong for the show and called in after it was finished. We hope to bring Tim back at some future time.  In any case, Joshua filled in with his recent adventures.

To know more about Mr. Beckley and all the amazing books he offers via his publishing companies go to: www.conspiracyjournal.com

 Your Host for this Show was the Crystal Skull Explorers with Joshua Shapiro with Katrina Head (Katrina was not available).  The Crystal Skull Explorers have been working closely together since 2009 when they met in Atlanta.  They have written three books together including the Crystal Skull Explorers Travel Log Series: Travel Log #1: Mexico 2009; Travel Log #2: Search for the Blue Skull in Peru.  They also conduct a monthly world peace meditation with the crystal skulls and are a co-sponsor for Crystal Skull World Day.

They organized the first crystal skull on-line conference in December of 2012 and a second one in 2013. There first radio show called “Crystal Skulls Now” was aired in 2010 on BlogTalk Radio.  Joshua currently is involved in working with a talented team of people to create two new paranormal adventure novels (trilogies) which will show two possible scenarios linked with the Crystal Skulls how World Peace can happen in our world in the near future. Feel free to visit their website at:

Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls and Other World Mysteries” is a monthly radio show hosted by the Crystal Skull Explorers and broadcast as a part of the “The Mad Look at Reality Show” hosted by A Mad Painter every Sunday.  Each month the explorers will be examining different aspects of various World Mysteries and the Paranormal via special guests and sharing from their own extensive experiences.  If you would like to be a guest on the show or have a person you would like to recommend please send an email to: crystalskullexplorers@gmail.com

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