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Maya Masser
(Seer, Crystal Skull Guardian,
Angel Communicator and Crystal Skull
World Day co-sponsor with a Gathering)

Scott Teeters
(Host of "Far Out Radio")

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What did we discuss on the Sept. 28th Show?


For this show we have the great pleasure to speak to Maya Masser, the guardian of the 96 lbs. crystal skull known as "Zaba".  While Katrina and I have not had the pleasure to meet Maya and Zaba in person yet, (so in a way this is also our first chance to really speak to Maya) we have heard from people in the locations we have traveled to, offering our own crystal skull presentations, about how powerful their experience were when having contact with these two as they just proceeded our visit.

Maya is a multi-talented young woman who has been sharing her gifts as a Seer, an Alternative Healing Facilitator, Angel & Crystal Commun-icator, Priestess of Crystal Healing, and Shamanic and Fine Artist for most of her life. Currently, Maya is Caretaker and ‘legs' for Zaba, the 96lb Crystal Skull. Together, Maya and Zaba share their well known workshops and event: FULL EMBODIMENT; LIGHT BODY ACTIVATION IN PARTNERSHIP WITH LIVING CRYSTAL which includes Interactive Altars, Lectures, Ritual & Ceremonial Meditations, Healing Circles, and One-on-One Sessions. These sessions are experiential in nature,designed to facilitate participants in hands-on interaction with crystal, sound, movement and art as Sacred Gateways to discovery of new levels of energy, passion, peace and awareness in the present moment.  We will be discussing with Maya her views about the crystal skulls and what has she learned during her journies traveling with "Zaba" (shown in the photo above).

In Support of Crystal Skull World Day: "Maya & Zaba, are happy to support Crystal Skull World Day. CSWD gifts Light Seekers, Healers, Ministers, Lovers, Freedom Makers, Crystal Workers, and all manner of the rest of us with yet another opportunity to raise and deepen the vibration of "Peace and Healing" for ALL on our planet Earth and beyond. CSWD's stated intention aligns with The Great Prayer of Unity that lies at the center of All Things."

To learn more about the special spiritual work which Maya and Zaba are doing take a peek at their website at:  www.CRYSTALZABA.com

Joshua came into contact with
Scott Teeters when he found an interview that Scott was doing with a scientist from NASA who was discussing Aliens on the Moon. After a few conversations to get to know each other and finding a number of topics of shared interest, Joshua has been a returning guess on Scott's amazing show "Far Out Radio", besides the two of them becoming good friends. So this is our chance to return the favor to have Scott on our show.

Now if you go to "Far Out Radio's" Facebook Page, there are a lot of photos of all the amazing guests they have had on the show (which airs now three times a week).  Every FAR OUT subject you can imagine from ghosts, to the paranormal, other dimensions, UFOs & ETs, Conspiracy and more is covered. Scott approaches all of his shows with an open mind and a desire to provide for his large audience (they air on the Rense Radio Network) the good stuff.

So for our show we will be asking Scott to discuss his best programs which include some of the most remarkable information he has heard from his guests.  Also Scott has told Joshua on "FAR OUT RADIO" (BTW: Joshua will be a quest again on Far Out on September 24th if you can catch it plus all of the prior visits Joshua has made are achieved) that he has had his own share of spiritually based experiences too. All in all you will enjoy meeting Scott and no doubt will want to listen to future shows on "FAR OUT RADIO".

To know more about the FAR OUT RADIO and what special guests will be appearing go to their website at: http://www.faroutradio.com

or visit them on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/FarOutRadio

Your Host for this Show was the Crystal Skull Explorers with Joshua Shapiro with Katrina Head (Katrina was not available).  The Crystal Skull Explorers have been working closely together since 2009 when they met in Atlanta.  They have written three books together including the Crystal Skull Explorers Travel Log Series: Travel Log #1: Mexico 2009; Travel Log #2: Search for the Blue Skull in Peru.  They also conduct a monthly world peace meditation with the crystal skulls and are a co-sponsor for Crystal Skull World Day.

They organized the first crystal skull on-line conference in December of 2012 and a second one in 2013. There first radio show called “Crystal Skulls Now” was aired in 2010 on BlogTalk Radio.  Joshua currently is involved in working with a talented team of people to create two new paranormal adventure novels (trilogies) which will show two possible scenarios linked with the Crystal Skulls how World Peace can happen in our world in the near future. Feel free to visit their website at:

Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls and Other World Mysteries” is a monthly radio show hosted by the Crystal Skull Explorers and broadcast as a part of the “The Mad Look at Reality Show” hosted by A Mad Painter every Sunday.  Each month the explorers will be examining different aspects of various World Mysteries and the Paranormal via special guests and sharing from their own extensive experiences.  If you would like to be a guest on the show or have a person you would like to recommend please send an email to: crystalskullexplorers@gmail.com


Sunday, August 31st (guest - Joseph Federico Munoz, Mayan Daykeeper and Crystal Skull Guardian, discussed Mayan insights about the crystal skulls & prophecy - video)


To read about what this show was about, go to our webpage at:


Sunday, July 27th
(guest - Council woman of the Cystal Skull Hearts Council helping to organize the Crystal Skull World Day, November 22nd - 1 hour 51 minutes - audio)


To read about what this show was about, go to our webpage at:

Read these Notes about this Show -- we took over the last two hours of the show entitled "A Mad Look at Reality" so this is why Joshua discusses it being the second part of the radio show. Further, our second quest Tim Beckley got the times confused and does not appear but Joshua goes into several subjects beyond the "Crystal Skulls" linked to the paranormal and some of the interesting new research the Explorers are conducting.)


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