Second International On-Line
Crystal Skull Conference Schedule

March 9th & 10th, 2013 (Europe) - for Unity and Expansion

Examples of Crystal Skulls found/carved in Mexico

Day 1: Saturday, March 9th, 2013
( 8 AM - Noon EST;  2-6 PM {14:00-18:00} GMT+1 )



Lecture #1
The Jade Skulls and the
Council of Lemurian Elders
with Kathleen Murray
(45 min)

Some years ago, there was a series of jade skulls (including a full jade body) which came out of Mongolia. Kathleen was able to make an agreement to obtain some of the jade skulls which are now under her care. The jade skulls have strange symbols carved into them and their energy is quite different from normal quartz skulls. Kathleen will discuss what these jade skulls are about for half of her presentation and the first half will be information she channels from a council of Lemurian Elders that comes through her personal skulls. Should be very exciting and different from what you may have seen beffore.


Lecture #2

The Crystal Skulls and Hungary
with Gabor Nagyistvan
(45 min)

Gabor is one of the main people in Hungary who is helping to teach others about the crystal skulls and to help the skulls find their true guardians in his country. In his presentation we will start with a special music that calls the Forces of Mother Earth forward with the Higher Force of Creation - the music will be played with a traditional hungarian flute. Next Gabor will give us a brief history of Hungary and how it came to be in present
time plus information they have received about crystal skulls that may be hidden in his country. Then he will describe briefly how he works with his five personal crystal skulls to help heal other people.


Special Alignment of Bart & Gina's Skulls using a Mayan Wheel

Lecture #3
Crystal Skulls, the Auric Field and Attunements
with Nicole Lahousse
(45 min)

In this 45 minute talk Nicole will share power-point slides discussing how she does her work with her Aura Equipment and how she has done testing of the aura using the crystal skulls. Additionally through a personal experience she had with what she calls her first true crystal skull, her pineal gland became very active and this helped Nicole to really understand and become deeply immersed within the crystal skulls Since by profession Nicole is a chemist, she offers to our participants of the conference a more scientific look and ideas how the crystal skulls function and work with people.


Lecture #4
The Adventures of Floyd Petri and "Windsong"
("Windsong", the spirit of a Light Being)
with Floyd Petri
(45 min)

In this presentation, Mr. Petri will share how he was called to discover "Windsong", a human size clear quartz in a video-crystal shop and how "Windsong" (Song of the Wind) revealed the "Light Being" that lives inside of this skull.  Mr. Petri has had an interest in crystal skulls long before "Windsong" entered his life and the life of his family. This is a remarkable story of a so-called "Nuts and Bolts" person having an experience with the paranormal.  He will be open for the end of his talk to answer your questions.


The Crystal Skulls with the Crystal Skulls Explorers in Pattern


Day2: Sunday, March 10th, 2013
( 8 AM - Noon EST;  2-6 PM {14:00-18:00} GMT+1 )



Lecture #1
Sacred Sites, Sounds & Crystal Skulls
with Bart Peters and Gina O'Conner
(45 min)

In this presentation, Gina and Bart will take you on a journey to a few of the world’s acoustic power spots to look at the association between sacred sites and sound, and discover the ancient principles of resonance. They will also discuss how crystal skulls resonate and affect the energies in combination with these special locations in relationship with sound. Sacred sites were built intentionally at certain resonance and frequencies that are shown today to enhance transcendental states as a way to experience and communicate with other worlds and the divine.

The effects of the combined energies of sound and sacred places were made even more powerful and could increase healing, access to other dimensions, knowledge, bring fertility, as well as decrease the ageing process. In addition, crystal skulls also respond to the energies of sacred sites and sounds and increase the potential of how the sites can still be utilized and accessed. Crystal skulls support high levels of frequency and create an energetic field in combination with the sites, the people, and the dimensions inherent at these places and the crystal skull consciousness as a whole.  Part of this presentation will include a sacred site and sound journey with music by Bart Peters. Bart and Gina’s healing team of crystal skulls will also be holding space in connection each with their own special energetic signature and vibrational key.

Lecture #2

Crystal Skulls: Power Tools for Awaking Consciousness
with Sylvia van Dinter
(45 min)

Syliva has experienced the crystal skulls as a high vibratory communication medium, libraries of ancient knowledge and helps to integrate one with higher levels of consciousness. In this talk, Sylvia will discuss about the connections between the crystal skulls and the knowledge held by the Inca and Aymara Shamans in Peru along with connections with the Tibetans, Chinese and Jap-anese plus the skulls linked with Marie Magdelnea and the Christ Consciounsess. Sylvia believes the crystal skulls are linked to Golgotha, the place where Jesus was crucified which is symbolic or balancing our ego.

Based on Sylvia's experiences with many different skulls, she will talk about how the skulls work like computers and transfer their knowledge via laser rays from the eyes. Finally she will speak about her experience - an inner vision, of being contacted by an etheric crystal skull which explained to her a meditative technique used by Tibetan Monks which when applied raises your frequency, actives your Merkaba and connects you to your etheric skull that exists in other realms.

Gathering of Crystal Skulls in Aberdeenshire, UK 2012 with Kathleen Murray's Skulls


Lecture #3

Divine Crystal Skull Emergence:
Aligning with the Mind of Light

with Charlotte Szivak
(45 min)

Join Charlotte and her (Radiant) Crystal Skull MAYA as they ignite the Ecstasy Key codes of the New Earth Templates held within Maya and all crystal skulls collectively that awaken the Diamond Consciousness & Paradise Grids for the Divine Emergence of the New Age. Explore the Ancient secrets of the Language of Light that are held within the Crystal Skulls; guarded over a millennia by the High Priestess of the past to be revealed now in the Aquarian Age. This secret information includes experiencing the Activation of the Ascension Light Body, Shadow Wisdom Transformations and the Diamond Geometries of Light which all assist in awakening your Divine Mind of Light reflective of the Crystal Skulls.

Discover the healing energy of Maya through a meditative journey that will awaken, anchoring, and embrace your Divine Essence awakening your vastness, elevating your consciousness, while merging all of your Souls dimensions. All drawn from Charlotte’s vast experience’s leading global pilgrimages to sacred sites, ceremonies, healing and assisting with thousands of clients worldwide. An innovative knowledgeable soul, Charlotte & Maya will awaken you to reach deep into your Soul; transcending obstacles, embrace your Shadow thus transmuting yourself into pure potential, provide magnetic clarity and empowering you to THRIVE with joy, passion and grace.


Lecture #4

The Blue Skull and
the Peru - Crystal Skull Link

with Katrina Head & Joshua Shapiro
(45 min)

In this talk, both Katrina and Joshua will share about their experiences while traveling in Peru and how this is connected with the crystal skulls. There are theories that some crystal skulls may have been brought from Atlantis or Lemuria that know are hidden and protected in Peru. Katrina will share key moments of her journey to Peru with their crystal children in 2009. And Joshua will discuss his search for a translucent sky blue human size crystal skull that brought him to Peru three times from 1997-2002 and why this crystal skull is important for humanity's future.


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